Name: Seowon Jung
Class: ESL100
Date: 5/11/2008

These day, most people have at least one or more digital devices like a cell phone. Young people usually have three or more devices. Cell phone, MP3 player, laptop computer have been necessary items even for older people. Adults, who need a lot of information for their job, can tell from something whether that is wrong or not. However, our children accept everything without distinguish, and they believe that their found is right before somebody says that is wrong. Children can look for everything they want to know from internet and every children might have same thoughts one another. Every children see same information on the internet. They have been losing their personality and originality. Therefore, we need to change educational system or way in order to get back originality and personality for our children.

A lot of school have purchased laptop and desktop computers to reduce gap between rich and poor children. The program of Kansas high school has definitely been successful and many school is tying to start a kind of program in order to make equal opportunity to an education. However, as a result, most children have same opinions and solution of questions. Now, the internet is not an ocean of information any more. It’s the cramming system of the cyber school. Indeed, we can not stop to develop and make digital devices because we can not live without these things anymore. Besides, it can not be solved that restricts within purchasing of children Therefore, experts have to suggest way that can revive their originality and personality with out remove the digital devices.

In the closed future, we will have devices more than now and children too. Reducing the gap between rich and poor people is still serious subject of many countries but, as reducing it, we need to accept the consequence of sode effect. In South Korea, there are many web site about homework database of student. Children don’t have to worry about their difficult homework. They an just copy solutions and correct answers. Now most Korean children have been losing their originality. I think, the future of our children is our mission for our better future and life.