Name: Seowon Jung
Class: ESL100
Date: 5/11/2008

A lot of high school in the U.S has tried to increase the rate of graduation for many years. One of the high school, Mapleton School near Denver, had a dropout rate of more than 50%. The superintendent for this school, whose name is Charlotte Ciancio, decided the entire student system needed a shakeup and school started to change after she came back there.

The Mapleton School needed innovative something and Charlotte knew that had to change. She has reorganized every school, creating 17 distinct programs. They are as different as schools can be. Besides, Welby New Tech, with 286 student has computers everywhere for their student, who want to learn on their own, in the building and classrooms are large to permit team teaching.

Even though Mapleton has tried to offer a broad menu of school experiences, its system is under the assumption that families will take advantage of the variety offered. Actually, the assumption is everywhere, which has been successful of innovative changes, by the executives level. Basically, instinct of human about power has no limit and there is a lot of people who want to take advantage as a friendship. The innovation has an effect on many students and their parents. However, if the superintendents lose their original intention or purpose, the result of their efforts will be burst like a bubble.