Name: Seowon Jung
Class: ESL100
Date: 5/12/2008

One of famous entertainer got married to another entertainer last year in Korea. Their wedding ceremony became a topic of conversation because the bride was a transgender and the reaction of the masses ran to extremes. She, who was a male, getting married to a real man was unacceptable for Korean people and against popular sentiment. However, transgender: gay, lesbian and bisexual are not unfamiliar words anymore. Therefore, we are going to have to be concerned about them.

The National Education Association (NEA) adopted a resolution to start to respect diversity of student and support equal opportunity for student and staff regardless of sexual orientation. They not have only rights to an education with ordinary people but also have human rights. Homosexual love has been a topic of contempt and taboo in most countries but, a couple of countries accept it. However, St. Paul criticized homosexuality in the Bible because, homosexuality is an avaricious sex act unconcerned with the propagation of a race. Therefore, homosexual love was treated as a sin or criminal act against of the Commandment and society. I strongly believe that the homosexual love is kind of an antisocial action. Because I think that homosexuality is the result of a home environment and education from their parents. For example, suppose someone wanted to have a daughter but, his wife bore a boy. To comfort himself for not having a daughter, he will bring up his son as if he is a girl. If so, his son will think that he is basically a woman in the body of a man.

Regardless of my views, the National Education Association believes that every school district should provide counseling by trained personnel for students who are struggling with their sexual/gender orientation. Indeed, I agree counseling is a positive direction because counseling can reduce prejudice and discrimination between LGBT people and non-LGBT people. Eventually, they will be close to each other slowly. The most important thing is what we need are concern and encouragement regarding the LGBT people.

As I have mentioned, the LGBT people are the result of the influences of their parents. Some people advocates that their sex was switched before they were born, but I believe that character, personality, and sex-identification are acquired. Therefore, we have to enlighten the parents not to make their children gay. For example, if their sons and daughters have a propensity to be a girlish and boyish, the parents can reform them to think that they are the opposite sex.

However, for the rest of the people, who are unenlightened LGBT people, we have to take care of them. In my opinion, educator can make and operate special classrooms for only LGBT people such as coeducation classrooms. They could be happy or feel relieved feeling in that classrooms among the LGBT people. In conclusion, antisocial action is a kind of social phenomenon. Now, we should accept this social phenomenon and be ready for diversity of human identification.