Name: Seowon Jung
Class: ESL100
Date: 5/12/2008

The government of many countries have continuously tried to invest a lot of money in bringing up heros. Therefore, many people emphasize that young children are the future of our country and many experts are concerned with improving education and, the educational system appropriate to each grade level. Despite the efforts of the experts, there is a gap between the rich and poor children.

According to Proctor & Dalaker (2002), 27% of Hispanic and 30% of black children are living in poverty but only 13% white children are living in poverty. These children from low-income families attend inner-city schools and some of their teachers are not certified. As results, the achievement gap between white and black and latino children has increased and racial bias has appeared in classrooms. To solve this problem, teachers in California have to take racial sensitivity training and many people believe that this program will reduce the achievement gap.

However, in my opinion, the reason why the achievement gap has appeared is the responsibility of parents. If black or Latino children really wanted to study, does the school environment in inner-city school matter? I think parents have to be concerned with the assignment or studying of children and push children to study and do homework. Eventually, children will come to think that study and homework is what they must do. Therefore, the experts and politicians should try to reduce the gap by enlightening the parents if the parents never want their sons and daughter to live in poverty like them. In addition, teachers regularly need to talk with the parents and emphasize that studying, doing the assignments and attending school are positively necessary till their children graduate from high school. Politicians must absorb informed of this.