Name: Jung, Seowon
Class : ESL100

Kansas school district provides free laptops

In the past, a lot of poor people couldn’t go to school because they didn’t have money. These days, nobody says they can’t go to school because they don’t have money. That’s why the government has supported education of the citizen until high school. Nevertheless, poor students do not have equal opportunities of education. For their poor students, school should do something.
80% of People in Kansas city are poor people. They dont have computers at home. A public school in Kansas city has provided free laptop computers for their poor students who don’t have any computer at home. As they can use a free laptop computer at school, they get a equal opportunities to an education and make them proficient in computer skills. Therefore, the school in Kansas city could reduce the gap between rich and poor students.
Indeed, there is a problem with this seemingly successful program. How can the school provide free laptop computers? The laptop computers are very expensive. A lot of tax in Kansas city might have been spent for the free laptop computers. Moreover, how do rich or middle-class people think about it? They probably want to get a free laptop computer. However, I think this program is a very excellent program for the poor student.