Name: Seowon Jung
Instructor: Robin-claire L. Mann
Class: SOC100-31125
Date: 10/28/2008

    My team went to research on August 12th. My team members were Matt Maeda, Patty Carr, Rebecca Vinson, and Samantha Makini. This was my first time to research something in the U.S. However, English is not my first language, therefore, interviewing local people was really hard. Nevertheless, I was trying to listen, understand, and focus on their speaking, as a result, I could write down approximately 5 pages.

    My teams first destination was Laie. Also going other places from Honolulu was my first time. Laie seemed like rural, silent, and clean. It was different from Honolulu. There were no high buildings, shopping center, and even starbucks. We went to Brigham Young University, and we could interview some of students and faculties. One of faculty, who is from India, thought about the role of school that BYU has influenced many places. Everybody knows this school and goes to the church every Sunday morning. School has educated people not to be stupid. BYU students are from many diverse countries such as India, China, and Japan. Some of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean are too exclusive and they dont open their mind. They have almost same hobbies compared with urban people. They would watch TV, movies; and listen music. However, they are living so far from city, so they envy town people. Some of students would go fishing. Other student said that he thought they didnt need the police because of BYU. Everybody is good and nice, not rude. Maybe some of places might need them. They dont have any experience about racial discrimination. He said thats why he is in Hawaii. We left BYU and moved other place. We found a man; he said he is a supervisor of store, asked about involving society. He said that he wanted to be involved society or any communities but he is so busy. Therefore, in order to keep living with his wife, he needs to work. Her wife said they have a son who is a football player in his elementary school. She wanted to be involved her sons football club, but she needs to work, so she so busy and always feels sorry.

    We moved to Kahuku. Actually, I have ever been to Kahuku to eat the Truck Shrimp. As I expected, Kahuku was more silent and nobody was there. Some of tourist was eating shrimp, but they looked like uncomfortable and not to want to be interviewed and not to want to spend their time for us. So we decided to move another place like a quiet place. We met a group there, and we asked some questions about their neighborhood and relationships. One of them said that their neighbors are good and excellent. A lot of families people are related here and they share their meal together. They often have a meeting. Neighbors are good and nice. He thinks they dont need the police. I asked him about rail system; he said that rail system wouldnt be of value. Amount of users really need it. He wishes to use rail system soon. Other woman said she was working at church. She has helped people who need her help. Kahuku people look nice and some of boys and girls are handicap. They need her help at church. She mentioned about rail system. She said she doesnt need the rail system because she has her own car and she didnt want to wait for a train or waste her time. Besides, she was not involved in any youth community but she was interested in it. Besides, school must educate student. She said she didnt understand if students have really been educated. One man said that the rail system is really important. Using the rail system could be saved our money. Students dont have own car. Moreover, constructing rail system could increase many jobs. However, his wife had a different opinion from her husband. Hawaiis unique environment could be damaged. Many mongoose and gecko could be died due to construct.

    After that, we went to Waialua. In Waialua, finding people was really hard. So, we had to do door-to-door. One of retired man, who was a teacher, said that he thought people needs the police because; he could not see anybody at night on the street. He has a car but he wanted to walk around his home. One of housewife said, it was hard to get bathrooms at shopping center. Many shopping centers have a lot of bathrooms but small malls dont have it. Besides bathrooms dont have bath tissues but most people dont have bath tissues. So malls need to do this. Moreover, some of malls bathrooms are too dirty to use. He, who was a supervisor of store, experienced that he needed to ask for bathroom keys to clerk to use bathrooms because sometime homeless people would sleep there so, due to security problem there they would lock the bathroom doors.

    And then we moved to Nanakuli and found out a shopping mall. So, we asked people in there. We went to the Checker Automobile and we asked him. He said many people want to relate together but they are busy, have to work, because of their kids. Other woman said she was better than city people because they are busier than her. Town people need to take a rest because they are so busy and they dont have their hobbies. Everyday they work. We wend to the Sackn Save and asked a lot of customers. Some of people said, they often come to here but now everything is so expensive. They said the reason is due to gas price. So the government has to develop alternative fuels. Someday the oil will be empty and people will need something instead of oil to drive a car. One of employee said the school must teach the student to save the resources such as electricity and gasoline. Now youth wastes so many things. The children have to know how to separate garbage. Many countries are doing separate garbage but the garbage from the U.S, where are they going? Where are they? They dont understand how we spend so many things.

    My teams last destination was Waianae. We could visit every place in a day. I met a public school teacher and interviewed her. She said that education is OK but student dont respect teacher. They dont listen and study. Behavior at school, they meet to cocaine easier than town students. In contrast, the town students are stricter. Besides, 36 schools need more funding. One professional tutor said, homeless people at the beach need more program and need to get a job. They are really dangerous and people dont understand why they dont work. They seem they wont to do nothing. The reason of that they become homeless people is they are dull. They cannot live in society. Thats why they are homeless people. The government needs to get them away from tourists because the number of tourist has been decreased because of them. Sometimes, they beg the money or takeout food. Moreover, they might threaten the tourist. Some of people didnt see homeless people in Waikiki but here Waianae, so many homeless people are here. The government has to do something for them.

    In conclusion, a lot of people are interested in social problem, issue, their life and other peoples life. Nonetheless, due to their job, they cant do anything for themselves or other people. However, in my opinion, I think busy is a social issue and phenomenon. So, although the people are so busy, we could figure out something in their life if you have more patient and study them.